Considerations for Starting a Handyman Business

Considerations for Starting a Handyman Business


It is good to have a big house, but cleaning it can give you a headache and body ache. If you don’t have the strength or the support to clean your home, don’t worry, there are many handyman services in the UK that specialize in all kinds of household work. You can try searching the internet or a handyman directory for some good and reputed names in the business. Once you decide on the best handyman service for your tasks, you will have to call them and check out the other details.

Many people have started handyman services in the UK, since there is not a huge investment needed t start this service. If you have 5 to 10 dedicated handymen, you can surely have a lucrative handyman business. You may have to take a loan or invest heavily on the office space if you want to start a handyman business. To start a handyman business, you don’t need to become a handyman, but you need to have all the knowledge and skills that a handyman has. There is no special certificate course to become a handyman, but you will find several small time courses that will give the basics of cleaning and sanitation.

If you are planning for a small handyman business in the UK, then you should not have much of a problem. However, if you are starting big, then you will have to face some severe competition. There are several ways to beat the competition, but the primary strategy is the price penetration strategy. You can use this strategy to get a market share. Once you have a well established customer base, you can try to increase the prices, but also providing the benefits at the same time.
There are four main areas that you will have to concentrate on when you are planning to start a handyman service”plumbing, electrical, decorating, and odd jobs. All these categories are in high demand and you will have to hire handymen who have the experience in all these categories.

You can’t hire a handyman who tells you that he can do plumbing, but not decorating. You need a handyman who is a jack of all, but also a master of all.
In plumbing, there are typical tasks that a handyman does. These tasks are repairing dripping taps, replacing old taps with new ones, installing washing machines, and unblocking toilets, urinals, and sinks. These plumbing tasks may appear to be very simple, but they need professional hands to do them in the right manner.

In electrical, the typical tasks that a handyman is expected to do are: replacing sockets, replacing electrical appliances, replacing light fittings and so on.

In decorating, the handyman needs to be aware of painting, regrouting, resealing showers and baths, and so on. Finally, in odd jobs, the handyman must be able to fit blinds and curtains, change locks, assemble furniture, put up shelves and cupboards, hang mirrors and pictures, fit plasma television screen and so on.