A Dream Unique Wedding Idea

A Dream Unique Wedding Idea

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Every person who wants to get married would want to have the most unique wedding ever, different from all other common wedding events. But what is really a unique wedding? For others, a “unique” wedding is having a theme that is not usually done or used by the other couples yet. They may have personalized the ceremony and/or they have made a really ‘unique” wedding program at the reception. For some, a “unique” wedding is using strange apparatus on the ceremonies, decorations, wedding favors, and their invitations. That may even include the venue as well as the clothing, and probably, the visitors’ and guests’ attires. There can be a variety of interpretations of a “unique” wedding. You maybe have your own apprehension of it. But whatever that is, I am pretty sure it is a little bit broad, non-specific, and possibly complicated. To make things clear, here are some ideas for you to perfect your dream to have a “unique” wedding.

A “unique” wedding invitation can be done like a scroll. You may have seen this idea in classical movies when sending a message from one castle to another , however very unusual for present days for a wedding invitation. Depending on your theme, you can print more designs using a recycled paper, then roll it, and tie it with a ribbon, lace, or a small size native rope. You can also attach a dried tree twig or stick on both the edges of the paper to add more glamour on it. However, if this a bit more tasky for you to do, you can still choose to have a contemporary enveloped wedding invitation but using the materials that are not likely common.

For a “unique” wedding favor, you can base the design on your wedding theme, too, just like your invitation (that is why it is very important that you decide for a “unique” wedding theme first and foremost before you start doing anything else). Anything edible wedding favor can make a “unique” favor for any wedding theme. Any shapes and designs can done most especially for cookies wedding favors. Candies and chocolate wedding favors can also complete your “unique” wedding. Something plantable would definitely be an awesome idea. Sun flower seeds or wild flower seeds are not only “unique” wedding favors but are also a leeway of promoting an eco-friendly ambiance on your wedding. Of course, anything that are useful at home like paper and salt shakers or a whisk will surely be appreciated. Your wedding favors are your way to extend your appreciation to your guests.

No matter what your idea is of a “unique” wedding theme that you are dreaming of, you will surely enjoy your wedding day. For as long you have made an effort to make your dream come true and applied your craftiness, skills, and talents on your wedding, that is the most original theme that you have come up of. Anything under the sun would be welcome and sky is the limit for you to emanate your goal. Just do what you think is right! It’s your day anyways…