Flowers on a First Date

Flowers on a First Date

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The tradition of giving flowers to a woman has been there for many generations, starting from the ancient Greeks. Flowers had a lot of importance among the Greeks who were known to use laurels and flowers to honor their people. There is also a branch of study about the meaning of flowers, called Floriography, which has its roots from the 1800s. Women love flowers, and it’s a good idea to greet your date with flowers in your hand.

Should you give flowers?

You finally got the courage to ask her out after weeks of planning, and she said “yes”. But among all the other great things that you have planned to impress your date, you’re not sure if you would be overdoing it by giving her flowers. Well, you’re wrong there. Surprising your date with a bouquet is one of the sweetest things you can do to impress and flatter her on your first date.

Single flower or a Bouquet?

For the first date, a single flower would be just right. But if you can afford a bouquet and make your date feel more special, then you should go for it. Make sure that a bouquet falls within your budget and does not jeopardize any other plans you’ve had for your first date.

Choosing the flowers

Floriography is a study of the meaning of flowers. Now you don’t have to be an expert in this subject or buy a book about it, but knowing a few basic tips would help you. Think of flowers as words, and the bouquet as the overall message that you want to convey.

The color of the flower is one of the main factors that make it so beautiful. Each color has a meaning of its own. A pink rose shows appreciation towards your date. Yellow is the ideal color that symbolizes friendship. Red roses denote deep passion, so don’t choose this for a first date unless you’re sure that the feelings between you and the girl is mutual.

It does not always have to be a rose. Daisies are a good choice to show your feeling of happiness. Chrysanthemums express warmth and joy while lilies express beauty, elegance, and charm.

Also, keep in mind that all this information means nothing if your date doesn’t know what the flowers mean. If you can find out what your date’s favorite flower is, that’s your safest bet.

Choosing a bouquet

If you can afford a bouquet, go for it. While choosing the flowers, you may want to know what type of flowers your date likes. Some women may prefer simple, or more exotic options, like tropical blooms.

Another way to create something memorable is to match blooms to the venue. For a casual date, a simple seasonal mix is often the best choice. These appear bright and cheerful and often fit the appropriate season. For something more formal, such as a nice restaurant, roses are best. Roses are available in a number of styles, such as long stem.

Choose your options wisely to make that first date a memorable one.