Six Great Landscape Photography Tips

Six Great Landscape Photography Tips

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Six great landscape photography tips are to let your feet do the walking, use the golden hour to your advantage, include something for perspective, examine your photo for distractions, use leading lines and use a tripod.

Tip 1

First when taking landscape photography one needs to choose a point of interest. Just like, if one were to take a photo of a friend one would include that object in the photo. It is best to include it in the upper right hand corner, lower right hand corner, upper left hand corner, or lower left hand corner. Do not put your point of interest smack dab in the middle of your photo. Once you have chosen your point of interest then move around and decide what angle looks best for your photo. Many people want to get lazy and use the zoom. It is always better to walk than use the zoom.

Tip 2

The second landscape photography tip is to use the golden hour. The golden hour is the hour right after sunrise and the hour right before sunset. There is something magical about the lighting at that time of day.

Tip 3

Many people take landscape photography to show how big something is. When doing this make sure you include something that people will recognize to show how massive the landscape object is.

Tip 4

Make sure that you look at your photo through the viewfinder before you snap the photo. Look particularly for distracting items. Is there litter in the photo? How about wires in the photos? Think about what you can do to eliminate those distractions.

Tip 5

As a photographer consider how you can retain the viewer’s interest for longer. One way to do this is to use lines. Look for lines that occur naturally in the environment. Then try to place those lines at an angle diagonally through your photo. The viewer will look at the photo longer.

Tip 6

Once you have examined all these factors then use a tripod to take your photo.
So to take great landscape photos to move around to get the best photo, try taking your photo during the golden hour, use leading lines to retain your viewer’s interest and use a tripod.

If you put all this together and take your time and think about what you are looking to achieve then you will soon improve. Landscape photography has the ability to wow people and your pictures may soon be seen at a local gallery, have confidence and it can be achieved.