4 Quick Steps To Sell Your House Quick In A Poor Market

4 Quick Steps To Sell Your House Quick In A Poor Market

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Selling your house with the current recession in the UK is proving to be difficult for most homeowners. Prior to 2005 it was very unlikely that a property would remain on the market for any longer than 3 months, but in 2013, we are seeing some property, regardless of its condition or location, remaining on the open market for 6 months + before it sells.

This means that if you are a homeowner looking for a quick sale of your property, and you are struggling to keep up the repayments on your house, you have 6 months of mortgage payments, 6 months of household bills, and on top of that you have 6 months of stressful viewings and let downs.

There are some steps you can take to increase the sale speed of your property and outlined below are some ways which may help you.

1. Consider modernising and minimalizing your home

If you love ultra-bright neon colours, or you have a tendency to collect stuffed animals it may be time for a bit of decorating to appeal to potential buyers. Consider modernising your home with neutral bright colours. Magnolia is always a safe option, and potential buyers can visualise their own belongings in your home. Another good thing to do is clear up unwanted clutter to leave your home looking more spacious and more attractive.

2. Keep your pets and kids out of sight during viewings

Buying a home is a big decision for anyone, and ideally during the viewing process a buyer needs time to be able to visualise themselves living in a property and have time to think about whether they want to buy or not. Ideally try to keep pets and children away during viewings so the buyer can make a decision without distraction.

3. Advertise on property forums & social networking sites to investors

It may be a long shot but there are many property investors who are active on forums and social networking sites and are always keen for a property deal in their area. It may be an idea to go on one of these forums or social sites and put a link to your property and offer an attractive discount for a quick sale. You may be surprised and connect with an investor in your area quickly!

4. Selling to a fast house sale company on the internet

One of the easiest ways to sell your house quickly is using a quick house sale company over the internet. These companies generally can offer you fast cash in exchange for a quick sale of your home. The only downside to doing this is often you will be expected to give a discount to the value of your property. This can be anywhere between 50% and 85% so make sure you shop around before proceeding with anyone.