Top Photo Effects And Features Of Digital Photography Software

Top Photo Effects And Features Of Digital Photography Software

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Technology has given the media and graphic design industries more versatility and made everything from taking pictures to editing infinitely easier thanks to digital photography software. In an industry dedicated to capturing and preserving moments in time, being able to digitally manipulate and correct frustrating mistakes can mean the difference between a great looking picture and an unhappy client.

If you’re in the photography industry or you’re looking at taking your hobby a little bit more seriously, you need a good digital photography software suite. Give yourself the ability to edit and manipulate images and create a pristine looking finished product for clients. Look for digital photography software that allows you to use the following effects.

Red-eye removal

For touch up jobs that clients bring in any photographs you take where the lighting just isn’t right, a red-eye removal tool lets you turn a picture that was previously worthless into one that’s perfectly presentable. A red-eye removal tool analyses the photo for the effect and fills in the red pupil with an opaque black.

Colour and level modifier

When the lighting isn’t quite right or there is too much going on in a photo, sometimes even when a client brings in an old picture that they want to be retouched, you’re going to need a tool that lets you fix the color, hue, and saturation. Most modern photography software comes with advanced modifiers where you can individually manipulate every aspect of color and lighting levels.

Organizational tools

Some digital photography software comes with something more important than image manipulation features: organizational tools and digital libraries can help you keep a track of all of your work. Organize photos by date, event or client and access them with ease – no more rummaging around through hard drives and folders, just search by tag or date and find what you’re looking for immediately. Digital library tools save you time and make sure that you don’t lose any of that important work done for clients.

Layers and masks

Layers and masks allow you the ability to edit individual aspects of an image with greater flexibility. Look for software with layer tools if you plan on doing extensive image manipulation.

The right photography software can make all the difference in the type of results you get and what you can do for your clients. Give yourself the potential to create better images and do more for your clients.