A Career as a Dental Assistant

A Career as a Dental Assistant


Dental assisting is a great flourishing career that boasts flexibility and
mobility. Dental offices have great business hours and are clean and healthy
environments to work in. Training programs are readily available with one and
two year programs around the country. Short diploma programs allow students to
enter the workforce quickly. Training also prepares students for positions
outside of the dentists’ offices in sales and manufacturing. Continue reading to
find out more about dental assisting careers and training.

Training. To become a dental assistant, one must complete a
dental assisting training program [http://www.healthcare-trainingcenter.com/programs-dental-assistant.asp] accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). There are
over 250 such programs in the US. Programs consist of course work hours in
anatomy, physiology, dentistry, and radiology. Programs also train students in
administrative duties such as recording patient information, scheduling, and
handling insurance. Programs also include hands on experience and clinical
training in a dental office under the supervision of a dentist in non-surgical
dental procedures and hygiene. Training programs also prepare students for
examination to become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

Job Description. Dentists typically prefer to higher dental assistants with RDA
status, which is a requirement in most states. Dental assistants perform a
variety of duties to assist in daily duties of a dental office. Dental
assistants perform hygiene and non-surgical procedures to assist dentists during
patient treatment. RDAs do not perform cleanings, but do assist taking and
developing x-rays and impressions. Dental assistants also perform most
administrative and clerical duties for a dental office including billing,
scheduling, and ordering. Effective dental assistants help to maximize profits
with price efficient equipment and reduce cancellations.

Salary and Job Prospects. Dental assistants can earn anywhere from $9/hour to up
to $20/hr. The more experience, the higher the pay. Job prospects for dental
assistants are very good, as dentists are tending to hire at least two
assistants per practice to help provide cost efficient dental care. Dental
assistants can also find jobs with insurance companies, dental supply companies,
and hospital dental departments.