Beginner Photography Tips and Tricks for Taking Great Shots - Digital Photography Tips And Tricks

Beginner Photography Tips and Tricks for Taking Great Shots – Digital Photography Tips And Tricks

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There is a tendency with amateur photographers to focus solely on the technical aspect of photography such as pixels and megapixels, lens sizes and shutter speeds.

Taking Great Photos

This article can serve as a guide for those starting out in digital photography and takes a look at the various tricks and tips associated with understanding the importance of your photographic viewpoint.

Photography is absolutely amazing. You can capture anything with your digital camera. And to top it off, with new technologies you can edit photos and make them look like a totally different place.


Understand the perspective of your composition is key, photographs can take on a different dynamic just by changing the angle of view. Taking a shot of a subject from above can entirely change the feel of the shot. It can make the subject more sinister, can make the audience feel more nurturing towards them, all depending on the drama you want to create in your shot. The choice of angle and perspective you choose will also affect how the lighting falls on the subject, again adding or taking away from the drama of the scene you are trying to create.

Once the photographer understands the scale and how to manipulate it then the technical aspect of photography can come in to play. Your choice of lenses, at this stage, can help to convey scale by making subjects look taller than they are or making the subject shrink to size. Therefore adding and enhancing to your subjective learnings on Scale.

One of the key points of good photography is making sure that you choose the Viewpoint of your Shot with great Care.

Weather plays a huge role in photography humidity can ruin your shoot, while haze and mist can obscure your subject. Use a polarizing filter to increase color saturation, reflection from windows, and to penetrate through atmospheric haze. Never shoot with the sun directly behind you as it makes photos look flat, and avoid shooting at noon.

When taking pictures, many beginners struggle. The hardship to get a good quality image that everyone else likes is really frustrating. This article will make that difficulty much less than it should be.

Good perspectives to try to shoot are from below and from above. As stated above, from below shots will make subject s generally look more strong and powerful. Shooting from above, on the other hand, will make your subjects look smaller and less powerful.

Do you point your camera straight at the subject dead center? If you do then you could really improve your shots simply by moving the subject to the left side or the right side. This all depends on where your subject is looking towards. If your subject is looking to the right, place the subject on the left and leave space on the right where the subject is looking towards.