Businesses That Use Carpet Cleaners

Businesses That Use Carpet Cleaners

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If you were to ask most people in Minneapolis who the main clientele of carpet cleaners are in the Twin City area the usual response when they think about carpet cleaning companies is residential customers.

If there are stains or wear and tear, call a carpet cleaning company. Crazy parties, nervous pets, messy kids are all legitimate and very real world reasons to use a cleaner.

However, there are more functions that exist for the use of a carpet cleaning company than merely someone’s residence.

Businesses who use Carpet Cleaning Services

Many businesses in Minneapolis consult a carpet cleaning company on a daily basis and even keep them under contract for use as needed.

Property Managers

Apartment building owners and property managers are obvious users of these companies. Many units and single-family homes require cleaning as a tenant vacates the premises and a new one moves in. Office buildings also regularly employ the use of carpet cleaning companies for the same reasons mentioned above. They also require their services for general upkeep of high traffic areas. This helps to maintain a professional appearance for the company that is renting the office.

Real Estate Sales Offices

Property owners and property managers are not the only ones in the real estate industry that utilize carpet cleaning services. For new developments, real estate sales offices will employ them to keep model homes and showrooms in the best condition possible.

Moving Companies

Moving companies regularly have carpet cleaning companies at the ready for any problem that may arise from moves as well as working in tandem with them to offer moving and carpet cleaning after a person has vacated the premises.


Banks are regular customers for carpet cleaning companies as they have a high volume of customers and most of the areas in a bank are high traffic areas which are generally worn with the wear and tear of constant use.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants, like banks, are also high traffic areas with use by customers and the walking back and forth of servers. Spills of food and drinks are also regular occurrences in these establishments. The regular use of a carpet cleaning company will ensure a longer life and use of a restaurant’s carpeting. Accordingly, bars and other eating and drinking establishments use these services as well.

One misconception is that carpet cleaners are only for what their name implies, carpet cleaning. In fact, carpet cleaning companies are also proficient in tile and grout cleaning, which helps for all sorts of other commercial properties and businesses. Carpet cleaning doesn’t just stop at the wall when there is no carpet, it continues through the entire workplace.

Of course, there are multiple other types of businesses in Minneapolis that can be mentioned in this article. However, all one need do is look around. In fact, just look down to see the carpet or tile in businesses citywide and you will know there and then who needs to employ the use of a carpet cleaning company.

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