Importance of Air Filters in Commercial HVAC Systems

Importance of Air Filters in Commercial HVAC Systems


When your office’s or store’s heating and cooling system works correctly, your employees and visitors can go about the day feeling comfortable while you work with the assurance that your work environment remains safe and clean. Regular inspection of your commercial HVAC equipment keeps you aware, too, of repairs and parts replacement that should happen immediately in order to prevent damage and interrupted work flow. Air filters in particular are an important component in your commercial air conditioning functionality, and it’s important to know when your filters need to be serviced.

The purpose of a commercial grade air filter is to maintain high quality levels of indoor air. Regardless of the time of year or temperature of the rooms and offices, when the air is clean and breathable you enjoy a productive workplace. Clean air contributes to the health of your workforce and comfort of your customers and clients. As filters become worn over time, they become less functional. You may notice a slight change in air quality that alerts you to the need to inspect or replace filters. If you are familiar with your building’s HVAC, you’ll know this means more than the simple task you perform at home.

As you prepare to replace these filters, you may wish to inquire about eco-friendly options and higher efficiency filters that work to keep dangerous agents out of your air without compromising your workplace environment. Higher quality filters tend to cost more than standard models, but some business may opt for the extra investment in order to maintain a longer lasting filtration system. This largely depends on the necessity for strong filters to keep various pollutants of the air. Some, which are not visible to the naked eyes, can prove troublesome for people with allergies and similar health conditions. When choosing new filters for your HVAC system, you will need to consider ANSI standards that identify particle size ranges of pollutants you want out of your air:

Bacteria and Viruses – When airborne and viable, these can cause illness in the workplace if the air filtration and circulation isn’t working well enough.
Hair and Dander – Pet fur and similar materials can increase allergy problems.
Smoke – Even if your building has a no smoking policy, there is the risk of cigarette smoke coming inside. Good filtration should take care of this.