Lasers Can Make Your Dental Visit Less Painful

Lasers Can Make Your Dental Visit Less Painful


The benefits of dental laser technology are many – less pain, less trauma, less need for local anesthesia (shots) or postoperative pain medication, less inflammation, quicker recovery, less fear of drills, and the ability to perform more conservative dentistry.

There is a number of ways dentists can use lasers to benefit patients.

They include:

Cavity detection Dental lasers can be used to find hidden decay in teeth at the earliest stages. Small lesions are found much sooner than if traditional instrument methods are used. Dentists can also identify decay so early that it can be reversed through hygiene, diet, and fluoride measures such that it may never need a filling.

Cavity removal Dental lasers have the ability to remove decay within a tooth and prepare the surrounding enamel for bonded fillings. The need for anesthesia is greatly reduced or eliminated over the traditional methods. Laser energy dramatically reduces the bacteria found in dental decay and has been demonstrated to enhance the tooth’s ability to “heal” in situations where “deep cavities” had existed.

Periodontal, or gum related careDentists use dental lasers for recontouring or reshaping gums (often described as “plastic surgery for the smile”), removing extra or diseased gum tissue associated with the use of certain medications or periodontal disease, removing the bacteria in periodontal pockets to promote healing, and treating canker sores and fever blisters. Healing time and postoperative discomfort can be significantly reduced over traditional surgical methods.

Hardening or curing bonding materials is another area where dental lasers have become important. They drastically reduce the time it takes to finish a filling and create what some researchers have shown to be a stronger restoration.

Teeth Whitening can also be accomplished with special solutions that are applied to the tooth surface in the dental office and activated by laser energy. It is possible to get teeth several shades whiter in a very short time. When combined with at-home tray based whitening systems, dramatic changes can be seen in even the most difficult cases.

Dental lasers have been shown to be safe and effective for treating both children and adults. Dr. Sadineni, Cosmetic Dentist Dublin Ohio has the latest equipment and training to ensure the highest level of care and the best results for her patients.

Dr. Sadineni is an AACD sustaining member cosmetic dentist practicing at Dublin Metro Dental Group, Dublin, Ohio. For patient consultations, contact the doctor at (614) 766-5600.