The Benefits of Using a Carpet Steam Cleaner

The Benefits of Using a Carpet Steam Cleaner

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Carpets are high maintenance. You walk on them every day so they can be a pain to clean and disinfect, especially when there are dirty shoes and persistent stains involved. Regular vacuuming is not enough if you want to remove deep-seated stains and embedded dirt.

Advantages of Carpet Steam Cleaners

Carpet steam cleaners can remove dirt, stains, molds and dust mites from carpets. They can even kill microorganisms and allergens, something that vacuuming can’t do. They can make your carpets smell and look brand new by deodorizing and sanitizing them.

Steam cleaners can be used on any type of carpeting, whether in the floors of your house or your vehicle. They’re environmentally friendly too since you don’t need any chemicals to use them. Add just a certain amount of water and some heat and you’re good to go. You can also save some money since you won’t need any other cleaning supplies or hire a professional cleaner to clean your carpets.

It’s because of these advantages that carpet steam cleaners have been growing in popularity and in turn, they have become quite accessible. They have also become cheaper in price whether for rent or purchase. Most people prefer to rent because of the lesser cost. But what many don’t know is that there are more benefits to purchasing a carpet steam cleaner than just renting one.

Purchase or Rent?

Several companies sell carpet steam cleaners. Most of the time, these machines have more suction power that will give you better results compared to the rental ones. They also cover more surface area and in much lesser time than the traditional machines. Not to mention that they also work on different surfaces as suppose to the rental ones that only work on carpets. This could save you a lot more money since you will be able to clean all types of surfaces with just one machine instead of renting different machines to clean different areas.

But you might argue that renting carpet cleaners are relatively more cost-effective and are readily available in discount retail stores. Why would you want to buy a steam cleaner when you can easily rent one?

Well, consider this, just think about who rented that carpet steam cleaner last and what they did to it. Try checking out your rented cleaner first before using it and you might find some interesting stuff in it. The last person who rented it might have been too lazy to clean it that there could still be dirt or stains stuck in it. You could end up with more stains on your carpet just by trying to use one of these machines. You wouldn’t want to waste time cleaning your carpet steam cleaner before using it, would you?

Furthermore, most rental companies only offer a 24-hour rental. Cleaning a dirty cleaner could shave some precious time off your 24-hour limit.


Owning a carpet steam cleaner of your own could prove to be more beneficial than just renting one every time you spilled some coffee on your carpets or during one of your spring cleaning sessions. They can be a little more expensive but at least you can be certain that you’re using a reliable and dirt-free cleaner that would give your superior cleaning results.