Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Points For Success

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Points For Success


Bathroom remodeling ideas can be simple or complex much like any other remodeling ideas such as basement or kitchen ideas. By remodeling your bathroom you can create a retreat where you can relax and unwind. When it comes to bathroom remodeling ideas, everything can be personalized from the sink and bathtub to the cabinets and floor.

With the bathroom being the most used room in the home, making it one of the top remodeling ideas does make sense. Bathrooms can become boring and gloomy if you have done nothing to it for some time. There are many additions and new ideas you can add to a bath such as:

– Fog-free mirrors
– A spa bath
– Different colors for the sink and tub
– Shelving for a stereo or TV
– Shower faucet
– Shower or tub surrounds
– Grab bars
– Water saving toilets
– Anti-scald pressure regulator

You can choose a small bathroom remodeling idea or work on a complete bathroom renovation. This depends on both your budget and willingness to put up with the inconvenience of construction.

Contractor Vs. Doing It Yourself

When it comes to bathroom remodeling ideas, there are two ways to tackle the problem.
– Contractors – while this option will cost about the same as an economy car today, this can also minimize the potential for problems in dealing with larger renovation projects or if you are not confident with your ability.
– Do it Yourself – doing your own remodeling, even a part of it, can save a lot of money. It can also make the room feel more personalized if you work on it yourself. Many projects can take only a few hours or a day to complete.

Bathroom remodeling ideas can add value to the home when planned and completed properly. Homeowners can get up to 85% of the remodeling costs back when the house gets sold.

Considering Layout

While you are thinking about bathroom remodeling ideas, you want to consider what it is you don’t like about the bathroom, and how much it will take to change it. Simply wanting to change the entire room will become a very large project with a very large bill if you don’t have a plan. Here’re a few simple tips.

– Know what you are changing and why – you need to have a specific plan as to what and why you are changing something
– Know what you want the changes to be – having an idea beforehand of what you want as a replacement helps in overall designing
Plan for the budget – know your budget before you being to plan or shop
– Consider the floor plan – most new units will be difficult or impossible to fit into the existing flooring. Simply changing the shower may become a major remodeling project if not planned properly
– Consider simple ideas first – always look for simple solutions first. A fresh paint job or new floor tile may be all you need.
– Think about length of time – how long will the room be out of use. Do you have another available facility during remodeling.

A small remodeling project can quickly turn into a major renovation if not planned for properly. Planning and preparation can save days of work and expense.