Spa Day

Spa Day

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I am an organized person and sometimes I have to write things down on a

Notepad before committing to a computer and then sending it to my
Blackberry Storm for a quick reference when I am shopping. So I turned
everything off in my house and tried to remember the steps we used in
Cosmetology class for Facials. But here’s the thing it has been 14 years
since the basic steps and new technology and methods were added.

Let’s do some research shall we

Well they didn’t add too much the only thing they added, if your skin
needed it, was Microdermabrasion. Looking it up I see it is used if there
are any kinds of scars (acne e.g.) on your face and if your skin was just
looking dull. Well I dealt with both of those. Then I started to research
salons to see how much they cost to do that procedure, and well since I
am not exactly rolling in the dough yet let’s see what Sally’s Beauty Supply

Ta Daaaaaa

Sally’s always comes through. They have a kit just for me called i-Skin
Intelligent Microdermabrasion System. It got some great reviews and it
had refills available in the store if I should ever run out which is a plus!

I took that sucker home treated myself to a nice Noxema (makes my skin
feel clean!) cleanse, then a steam on the facial steamer, a little
microdermabrasion action, mint julep masque (oh there is a post on this
too), witch hazel and Purpose Skin lotion (another post). My skin feels like
cashmere, for now! Let’s just see how it looks tomorrow morning. Made a
cup of hot lemon water, said a prayer and tucked myself into bed…

Good Morning Sunshine

Woke up to my phone alarm. Always forget to turn it off on my days off.
Promptly got up went to the mirror and voila. My skin looks amazing! My
scars look way lighter my skin looks even toned and still feels like

I would even recommend this to my worst enemy it’s that good…So on a
scale of 1 to 10: 1 being it isn’t even worth it to 10 made my pretty toes
curl I give it a…